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  1. The Traditional Folder
Tattoo Life

The Traditional Folder


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€ 200,00

"The Traditional Folder" is a collection of 60 large sheets with drawings by some of the best tattoo artists around. Every drawing is done in the traditional flash style and each artist presents their own interpretation of traditional tattoo designs, including hearts, daggers, pin ups and religious symbols. The drawings can be used to study traditional designs, but can also be hung on the wall as works of art.

Some of the contributing artists are: Ed Hardy, Chris Garver, Grime, Paco Excel, Alex Binnie, Titine Leu, Chirs O'Donnell, Troy Denning, Kevin Le Blanc, Mike Ribendall, Adam Burton, Filip Leu, Don Ed Hardy, Sabine Gaffron, Chad Koeplinger, Jason Kundell, Mo Coppoletta, Rudy Fritsch e Amanda Toy, Juan Puente, Patrick Conlon and many more.

Key Features:

  • 65 loose-leafe colour plates
  • Large black cloth folder (41 x 61 cm, 16" x 24")

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