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  1. Visage Bench Top Vacuum Autoclave

Visage Bench Top Vacuum Autoclave


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The Visage Bench Top vacuum autoclave has been designed specifically for the tattoo industry.

Tattoo equipment such as grips have hollow insides and require a Class ‘B’ vacuum autoclave for effective sterilization. This autoclave is specifically designed for this purpose and for maximum flexibility, also includes an ‘N’ non vacuum cycle for solid unwrapped instruments.

With a much higher capacity than its nearest competitors, yet with a small base size, the Visage is very competitively priced. It is supplied complete with your choice of a printer or data logger for recording data. Most people opt for a data logger, which stores each sterilisation cycle report on memory rather than printing out on paper, which can be done at a later time when convenient. The printer option will print out the sterilisation cycle report each time the autoclave is used.

Technical Specification


  • Chamber capacity (litres): 16
  • Max instrument length (mm): 290
  • Width (mm): 480
  • Height (mm): 410
  • Depth (mm): 440
  • Max net weight (kg): 35
  • Chamber diameter (mm): 330

Max Load Weight

  • Solid unwrapped (kg): 6
  • Wrapped (kg): 2
  • Porous (kg): 1
  • Operating pressure (bar): 2.05

Vacuum Cycles: P1 P2 P3

  • Sterilizing temperature: (P1) 134°C (P2) 134°C (P3) 134°C
  • Sterilizing time: (P1) 3 min 20 sec (P2) 3 min 20 sec (P3) 3 min 20 sec
  • Drying time: (P1) 10 mins (P2) 5 mins (P3) 0 mins

Non vacuum Cycle: P4

  • Sterilizing temperature: 134°C
  • Sterilizing time: 3 min 20 sec
  • Drying time: 0

P1 = For porous loads, wrapped, pouched, solid/hollow instruments
P2 = For porous loads, wrapped, pouched, solid/hollow instruments
P3 = For unwrapped, solid/hollow instruments
P4 = For unwrapped solid instruments only

N.B. The lead time for the Visage Autoclave is 4-14 days

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